Posted by: signalhillarchaeology | July 8, 2009

Now we’re getting somewhere…

Despite some drizzly, wet, and cold weather today, we’ve started to uncover what we’ve been looking for at the site near Ladies’ Lookout: a stone wall.  And it’s a really important stone wall: it’s part of the North Range Soldiers Barracks , which was constructed in 1799, and stood until at least  1884.  It may not look like much right now, but it is the top of a stone wall that is emerging from the ground as we dig around it.  In a few weeks time, we should be able to post pictures of a large, thick stone wall that once formed part of the exterior of the building.

North Range Barracks wall

North Range Barracks wall

Test excavations in this area by archaeologists working at the site in the mid-1980’s found that this was a particularly well-preserved site, with a great garbage midden nearby (basically, a trash dump).  Garbage middens are fantastic finds to make at a site, because they contain a good sample of what was used, broken, and discarded at a site during its lifetime.   Excavating this midden should be able to tell us a lot more about the lives of the soldiers who lived here during the nineteenth century.

But, we haven’t yet excavated down far enough to reach the midden yet… we’re getting there, though.  Check out the following contribution from field school student Andrew Holmes, who put together this series of images of our excavation progress so far!

–Amanda Crompton (Instructor) and Andrew Holmes (student)


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