Posted by: signalhillarchaeology | July 13, 2009

Another Student Perspective

My name is Amy and I am a member of the 2009 Archaeology Field School on Signal
Hill. Archaeology until now has been a fascinating subject to read about. Now
archaeology is this amazing cool thing that I can actually DO. I am in a group
that is digging in a difficult-to-access site, which is located in the woods on Signal Hill.

Exploring a site in the woods at Signal Hill

Exploring a site in the woods at Signal Hill (Photo Credit: Rob Ferguson, Parks Canada)

It has been illuminating to learn all the processes involved in digging a site, you can’t just stick a trowel in the ground and dig to your hearts content. Amanda, our professor, has been amazing
to work with; she is such a great teacher and learning from her has made this the best experience possible. I also have to give thanks to Stephane, Danielle, and Jenn who are helping to teach us all about what it is like to be real archaeologists in the field. It is such an enjoyable experience, even on days when you head home from the site dirty, sore, and tired you think “what a fun day”. It is so exciting to speculate about what these sites were used for and
how the people lived. I can’t wait to finish the last four weeks and see how
far we’ve come.

–Amy Payne (Student)


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