Posted by: signalhillarchaeology | August 5, 2009

Amy’s Thoughts

Here are Amy’s thoughts on the season as it nears the end–

Throughout the past six weeks my classmates and I have been working hard to
uncover the past. With the help of Amanda, Stephane, Danielle, and Jen we have
been able to go from students studying archaeological techniques in a classroom
to future archaeologists working in the field and lab.

Writing, writing, writing... an important part of the job...

Writing, writing, writing... an important part of the job...

It never ceases to amaze me how much work goes into excavating a site; there is
mapping, photographs, paperwork, more maps, more paperwork, and then some
digging followed by more maps, photos and paperwork. It is however very
rewarding work, we have the opportunity as each day passes to uncover more of
the past and interpret how the soldiers and their families lived on Signal Hill
(not something I would fancy doing in the cold, windy winter months).

Each day in the field and in the lab we have the privilege of seeing the
materials left behind by the people who lived there over a hundred and fifty years ago.
Whether we are finding tiny pieces of ceramic that to most people would see as
insignificant or more diagnostic artifacts such as shako plates from soldiers’ hats,
we are experiencing something incredible.

After six weeks of work I must thank everyone who made this dig possible because
we have had the best opportunity to learn, gain hands on experience, and make a
lot of friends that we otherwise would not have made. I also have to thank
everyone who has stopped by our site to see what we were up to and everyone who
has read this blog because your interest in what we are doing is what allows us
to be able to do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone involved for
making this the best summer possible!

—Amy Payne (Student)


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