Posted by: signalhillarchaeology | July 6, 2010

The 2010 Season Begins!

Welcome back to the Signal Hill Archaeology Project for the 2010 Season!  Once again, the Memorial University Archaeology Department’s Field School is being held at Signal Hill National Historic Site in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Between July 2 and August 7, 2010, we will conduct archaeological excavations at a site on Signal Hill, as part of a set of Memorial University courses that teaches students the practice of field archaeology.  This is the third year of the field school at Signal Hill; this season, we are returning to the same site we worked on in 2009 (and you can check out the results from last year’s dig in the blog archives).

As you can read here, we’re working at the North Range Barracks site, which was was built by the British military between 1799 and stood until the 1880’s.  It was a barracks building, where soldiers and their families lived.  It’s a great site, as you’ll see in the coming weeks.  From a research perspective, we’ll find many interesting artifacts that can help us reconstruct the life of the average British soldier. We also get a chance to talk to lots of visitors, because our site is in a really public location on top of Signal Hill. And we have one amazing view from the dig site:

Students get to work on the site...

Students get to work on the site. Working here gives us a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, and we spent Monday morning watching whales breaching. Now, if only the sun would make an appearance....

So please check on the dig’s progress with this blog. Entries will be written by the instructor, project staff, and students, so you’ll get a variety of perspectives on the progress of the dig. If you’re in St. John’s, do drop by and visit us, from Monday to Friday, until August 7th. We’re always happy to chat about archaeology!

The first post about the first few days of digging will be up shortly, so stay tuned…

–Amanda Crompton (Instructor)



  1. Missing Signal Hill. Hope you solve all the mysteries of the barracks this year. Good luck!

  2. Rob,
    We’ll miss your rapier wit this year… still holding out a hope under the faint hope clause that you can make a trip out this way this year 🙂 At least you can keep tabs on what we’re doing with the blog…

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